About Us
At filmscore24.com we produce and license film-score music
When you watch a movie or a tv-production very often there is music or ambient-audio that you don´t realize at first „sight“. It is music that supports the visual message of the motion picture. So called „score“. Sometimes a score sits inconspicuous in the background, sometimes it blows you off your seats and you’ll get shocked by the power of the combination of music and pictures.
The guys composing and producing for filmscore24.com are long time companions to the film-industry. Some guys are well known, some guys are the 2nd and 3rd row of contributors to successful productions. Countless tv-specials, movies, documentaries, series, dramas and others using our productions.
Now this music is available for you.

We found out that score & production music has 3 important points that we want to change.
1.) THE MUSIC … very often you’ll find full blown songs and music tracks that people offer as so called "production-music".
Working for film production, we know that this kind of music mostly is not what a movie needs. Every music-file you’ll find in our library was produced with a special picture or film-sequence in mind. You maybe find out that you can use it for something completely different. That’s o.k. cause that is what we call your creativity and your vision.
2.) THE LICENSING … we always asked ourself „O.M.G. why is this so complicated?“
Different licenses for different productions, for different audiences, for different platforms, for different …
you know what we´re talking about. We thought: Stop this now!
One easy license for every use for every one. Check it out and you will be fascinated how easy your life can get.
3.) THE PRICING … Yes, our pricing is very fair! We want to offer affordable music that you can use for your media production.
You don´t need to „rob the bank“ or „bust your budget“ for having quality filmscore music in your media production.
„Yes“, we are working very close with tv-stations and film-production companies. You can use our music for your monumental documentary, tv-special or the next episode of Harry Potter or Starwars as well. Just purchase whatever you want and use it for your project. Just mention us in your credits and tell your colleagues about us … so everybody is happy!
Yes we do! If you need music that is exclusively composed and produced on and for your film-project just give us a shout.
Just write to contact(at)filmscore24.com and we will be delighted to be a part of your masterpiece. We’re working world wide.