Terms & Conditions

So this is how it works:
You’ve been looking for music that you want to synchronize with a media project.
Finally you found filmscore24.com … great! Now you will search the side for some music files that will fit for your project
or will serve as some inspiration for your production.
The first 100 files you will get displayed by opening the site are randomly presented to you. They will be randomly refreshed every time you reload the side. So you just can browse for your inspiration and get some impression of our awesome music.
If you already know what you were looking for and are sure about some specific genre-keywords or tags you can type in these keywords or tags in the search-field. Just like „tension, hunting, horror“ or so. Then we’ll show you files that are tagged with these keywords. We also provide some „genre-buttons“ under the search-field. This buttons named like: „crime scene“, „horror movie“, „documentary“, „space invaders“, „drama , or so … this will help you to display curated files that may fit to this type of production.
Tags, Keywords, Descriptions, BPM
At filmscore24.com we took a lot of time to „tag“ our production files. This hopefully makes searching more comfortable for you. If you inspect some files you’ll find at first sight, you can see a line called „Tags“ that can guide you for some proposals.
But also every word that is written in the „Description“ can be used for searching. If you just want to try a tempo based search just tap in the BPM (beats per minute) - like: „120“ - and we’ll show you a lot of stuff with that speed. By the way … our files are so clever! There are 3 numbers at the end of each file that represents the BPM of that file. If there is no number - there is no specific tempo. Just try some search-technic that fit to your needs. You can also search for „Instruments“ if you like.
Let the music play!
We guess you’ll know what a „play-button“ can do for you? Yes! … they open a music player somewhere in the site with the selected track. You can scroll back and forward or jump into a displayed waveform. You can stop/pause/play like you do with nearly every media player. Every click on another play button will change the track in the player.
How to buy?
If you like a file you just press the shopping-cart button near the file you like.
You can „shop on“ and put as many music files in your shopping cart as you like. If you are a lazy guy, or just want to grab a genre bundle with some savings … we offer some packages that you will find at the right side of the single tracks - named like: „The monthly orchestral classics“, or so. When you got all files you need just proceed to the check out.

What do I pay for?
As you might know, production music always is licensed not sold. So with every download there comes a license agreement and an invoice that contains a purchase number that granted you the rights to use this music for your media production.
So actually you pay for the license to use the music, not for the music itself.

Licensing is always complicated!
Usually it is … but not at filmscore24.com ! This is one part of our concept. No matter if you are a professional or a privat user, there is only „ONE“ easy license! TV-project, cinematic blockbuster, Youtube video, short-film, or your „dog’s-birthday-party-on-a-cruise-ship-video“ … also famous: „sweet-cat-videos“ ;-) … you name it, here is the music for your production!

Why are the prices so fair?
That is the 2nd part of our concept. We thought it´s time for a change. We don´t want you to pay 25$-140$ for a single music file. Nor do we sell yearly subscription for hundreds of dollars, if you maybe just need 3-5 tracks. No „robbing the bank“ or „busting the production budget“ for production music anymore! Yeeehaa!
What can I do with the music and what not?
In short: use it for your media-project as you like - just don’t re-sell or give it away in whole or in parts (cause you can’t sell what you don’t own). You’ve purchased a license to sync and use it with your media-project. All the details are written in our very short and easy License Agreement … so no need to be afraid of a „ LICENSE AGREEMENT MONSTER“
For how many projects can I use a music file?
You may have realized that our prices are ridiculous low. So ONE file is for ONE project only. If you are a professional video editor or producer, working for several clients on several projects and want to use the same music again and again, you need to download that music file for each project to purchase the accompanied license including the purchase number. Of course the same counts for non-professional users. But e.g. … a „Trailer“ that is used in front of a series many times is just „ONE“ project so no need to purchase more than ONE license.
Fair & Easy
Business often is very tough. Our philosophy is to be fair to our partners and fair to our customers. On the countermove we also wanted to be treated fair. So we made this cool „fair price & easy licensing thing“. We know that there are „clever dogs“, know-it-alls and wise guys out there that would like to look out for having a even higher benefit. We say: „look if we, our composers and our producers can’t make a living out of this, we have to stop this thing again … so what is your benefit then? Come on and make this world a little more fair … and your karma will be great. We love filmscore-music, if you do so too, let us have a nice liaison.