Music for your CRIME SCENE - go and create the next BLOCKBUSTER with these tracks as a starting point. Go and search for other files in our ultimate library to complete your scorelist
Time / $3.50
Description: powerful orchestra percussion is leading the lord of the darkness on his mission
Time / $2.60
Description: very dark and gloomy ambient textures escorting the evil thru a disgusting darkness
Tags: dark fear scary
Time / $2.60
Description: a single guitar chord with a broken bass blending in a granular groove is cooling the party down
Time / $3.80
Description: deep strings and pizzicato followed by electronic percussion in a the crime scene ending in a pad synth
Time / $2.60
Description: straight bass drum beat with a mix of playful sounds and percussive tones - no beat at the end
Time / $4.50
Description: electronic blip and signal sounds with deep strings telling you that something is wrong and danger is on the way
Time / $2.60
Description: there must be something behind that door but you are not sure if you want to know
Time / $1.60
Description: subversive subjects moving around - undefined sounds polluting the scene
Instruments: waterharp percussion
Time / $2.60
Description: soft ambient pads laying down an audio background for observing the whales in the ocean moving slowly
Instruments: synthesizer pad
Time / $3.80
Description: tension and sadness in one go - drama or a crime scene - experimental sounds and orchestral elements (part1)
Time / $2.80
Description: a hectic low key piano with some metal percussion and wired soundfx bringing action to your scene without overloading
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